Teen Wolf: 5.11 – The Last Chimera


No time like a few hours before the new episode to get this up, am I right?

Teen Wolf is back (finally)!

While I liked the first episode back I kind of feel like the events in it were used to keep Scott and Stiles busy while Lydia’s mom sent her off to Eichen uninterrupted.

Let’s get down to it.

Papa Stilinski is alive and (kind of) well

After a near death experience at the hands of a berserker/jaguar mix (that’s what his chimera was, right?) the good old Sheriff pulled through and made a recovery.

Seeing Stiles worrying about his dad was heartbreaking. I couldn’t help but have an old quote from stiles replaying over and over in my head, “I can’t lose my dad too.”

This episode saw almost everything important from Stiles taken from him and it was brutal to watch. His dad, his best friend, the girl he’s been in love with since the 3rd grade. Everything almost gone at once. You can’t really blame him for going off the deep end a little.

But people do, ooooh do they. I try to avoid it on Tumblr but it still creeps on my dash every once in a while. People thought Stiles was too mean to Scott, and I get that. I do. It’s hard seeing him go after his best friend like that, but I feel like these people refuse to see things through Stiles’ eyes. That’s a bigger topic I won’t go down, but I will say this: Stiles was terrified of losing the only parent he has left so you can’t really blame him for having tunnel vision in this episode. His only concern was his father’s well-being and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Mama Martin messes up

It might just be because it’s Season 5 now and I’m completely over the people of Beacon Hills acting like they don’t notice all the weird murderous stuff that goes down, but I was irrationally annoyed with Lydia’s mom kicking Stiles out of her room and blaming him and all the rest of their friends for hurting Lydia.

I have my own issues with the pack and their lack of concern for Lydia (mostly in season 4) so that’s not something I’ll get into, but Natalie Martin’s hurried decision to have Lydia admitted to Eichen house when her own MOTHER had a terrible experience there was just literally the dumbest move I’ve seen on TV this week and I witnessed Nick Miller accidentally kidnap a woman on New Girl.

This is a woman who had a lizard girl come after her and injure her daughter, Malia even told her in 5A that she knows more than she’s letting on but she’s still stuck in this bubble of refusal. It’s kind of like Sheriff back in 3A except he finally realized he couldn’t deny it anymore when he literally saw Scott change in front of his own two eyes. Natalie Martin has seen things in front of her own two eyes and she still refuses to accept it. She just put her own daughter’s life at risk because of her denial and that’s not something she can easily come back from.

I’m hoping they’ll get her to come around eventually. Lydia Martin deserves the same kind of supportive parent that Scott and Stiles has; in every aspect of her life. Even the supernatural one.


Can we nominate this as one of the best returns on TV this year even though the year just started? Because I loved it so much. It was so badass and so Argent. I’m so happy to have Chris back because they need his help now more than ever. Kinda wish he’d brought Isaac and Derek too, but I’ll accept what I have and save the complaints for later.

Sciles is making a comeback

Things are still fragile with our favorite brotp but I’m hoping that won’t last for long. The show just doesn’t work when the heart of it is shattered and Sciles is the heart of this show. Jeff has said that this season is all about rebuilding the pack and that it’s up to Scott and Stiles to do that so I’m so ready for that.

The death of Allison is what started this domino affect and it’s about time we start pulling ourselves together and to rebuild. The starts with Sciles.

Parrish needs to STOP

Anyone else completely over Parrish fantasizing about a high school girl? I’ve been against this from the get-go because it’s completely inappropriate in every single way. But now that we’ve got an idea of why they have a connection the “steaminess” and overt sexual tones of their scenes together are unnecessary.

Parrish and Lydia have a supernatural connection, but it is absolutely unnecessary for him to get warnings of death from her as she stands with him in the shower naked and kisses him. I hate every second of those scenes. Him ripping her clothes off, him mauling her, him ogling her. They make my skin crawl even more than that creepy orderly in Eichen House does. And that’s saying a lot because that guy makes me feel sick to my stomach.

When we were watching that scene my own father said, “Ah, more child molestation scenes.” Your general audience even sees how wrong it is, MTV, so stop it.

Free Lydia Martin from creepy older men and just men in general 2k16.

Scott Mccall is better than all of us

I couldn’t leave this review without praising my favorite hero, Scott Mccall. The guy literally died and came back to life and popped up ready to go be there for his best friend. Obviously he was sidelined because his own body betrayed him when it didn’t start healing immediately but, god, he was ready to be out there again. He wants to start putting his pack back together immediately and I love that about him.

I just wish he took care of himself as much as he takes care of everyone else. That’s my one wish for this season: for Scott Mccall to have a treat yo self day.

Favorite Line: “It’s okay, Stiles. You still got me.” — Sheriff Stilinski


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