New Girl: 5.01 – Big Mama P


Have I mentioned how much I’ve missed my favorite roommates? Because it’s a lot.

The New Girl season 5 premiere felt like a nice, long hug from a friend I haven’t seen in years.

Here are some of my favorite parts:

Schmidt gets down on one knee

The opening sequence was Schmidt getting down on one knee in front of Nick and asking him to be his best man. In true Nick fashion, he’s “not there” yet. It all turns out to be a prank between Winston and Nick but it still had everything I love about a Nick and a Schmidt team and reminds me of an older line in an earlier season where Nick told Jess that Schmidt loves him too much.

This is probably one of the most important bromances to ever grace our television and we’re so lucky to get to see it continue to flourish.

Hero Winston

WINSTON BISHOP SAVED A KID’S LIFE!! I’m so glad they’re not turning this whole cop Winston thing into a joke. He’s good at his job and people respect him for it. I loved him trying to downplay the whole “hero” thing, that part made for some great laughs. It was really important to me, going into this season, that Winston’s new job wasn’t just used for laughs or for them to talk more about how he doesn’t know how to do anything.

Winston found his calling and he’s damn good at it. I’m damn proud of him.

Also, PRANK SINATRA! I love Winston pranks. I love how they’re either way too extreme or way to weak. It’s probably my favorite running gag on this show and I hope it never dies.

Singing Jess

Singing Jess is back!! Is it just me or has it been a really long time since we’ve seen and heard Jess singing nonsense sentences she makes up on the fly? She does it quite a few times in this episode and the reactions are always priceless.

While we’re talking about Jess I should also include that I’m really happy to see Cece and Jess back as best friends. They haven’t “broken up” or anything but I kind of felt like last season we didn’t see them bonding as much as we had in previous seasons. Jess was pretty busy with Ryan and Cece was busy trying to figure out and hide her feelings for Schmidt.

I loved the flashback scenes this episode, I always love seeing those two as kids together because it reminds me of how long they’ve been best friends.

I think the way they’ve gone about disguising Zooey’s pregnancy is pretty funny, too, considering it’s still very obvious. I always prefer when shows take the HIMYM route and kind of make jokes about how obvious it is, though.

Cece’s Mom

I may be in the minority here, but I’m actually glad the episode ended on Cece’s mom not giving her approval. I felt like it was a really honest and real decision by the writers. More often than not, parents don’t approve. You can do the whole song and dance thing (literally, in Schmidt’s case) and still fall short. While I don’t agree with Cece’s mom and think she’s a bit harsh, I like that the writers made that decision.

I’m really hoping we get more scenes with Mama P in the future, Cece’s background is something I’m always very interested in learning about. They’ve done such a great job at making sure her culture is still a very big part of her character and I hope that never changes.

Nick Miller, Human Disaster

I love Nick Miller so much. Have I mentioned that before, ever? Because I do. He had some of the best one-liners this episode and he’s grown so much as a person.

That opening scene with he and Schmidt was typical old-school Miller. Being a best man is too much pressure, he doesn’t think he’s there yet. But the second he started laughing and saying it was a bet with Winston and of COURSE he’d be his best man. Nick Miller of the past would crumble under the pressure of just having the title of Best Man. Nick Miller of today? He wants the hard job. He wants to help his best friend in any way that he can. That’s growth.

The Dance

Everything about it was perfect. I can’t praise it enough. Cece’s reaction made my heart happy.

Favorite line of the Episode: “STOP BEING SO MEAN TO ME OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!” – Nick Miller


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