Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf is one of those shows that half of Tumblr is still obsessed with and the other half (who used to be just as obsessed) have decided that they hate it but they’re still gonna talk about how terrible it is but they won’t stop watching it even though, “Seriously guys I hate this show it’s so terrible.”

You follow?

While I agree that the show has lost some of its magic with the death of Allison and the exits of Derek and Isaac, there are still those bright spots that I love. I’m going to talk abut those bright spots instead of going into the not so bright spots (though I can’t promise I won’t bring them up at least once or twice).

This list is in no particular order of importance, by the way.

1. Scott Mccall is the hero we all need but none of us deserves

From day one Scott Mccall has been the kid who does the right thing. He’s struggled, but ultimately he has that incredible moral compass and he always tries to do the Right Thing to prevent people from dying. Even if that right thing is nearly impossible, he does it.

He’s lost so much and he still keeps getting back up and fighting. Scott Mccall is the Steve Rogers of Teen Wolf. Yeah, I bestow that huge honor on him. He’s more than deserving of it.

He never asked for the bite, it was forced on him. The girl that he loved died in his arms. His relationship with his best friend has fallen apart. This past season he DIED HE LITERALLY DIED but then, by the sheer will of his own mother, he was brought back and now he has to try to pick up the pieces of his broken pack.

Scott Mccall is the heart and soul of this show and I will never stop loving or appreciating him.

2. The best slow burn ship in the history of slow burn ships

I’ll admit the main reason I’ve stuck it out for so long (mostly I’m referring to season 4) is because of Stiles/Lydia. Oh, Stydia, how I love thee.

They’ve laid the foundation for 5 seasons now and if they wanted to they could pull off one of the best romantic build-ups TV has ever seen. Maybe I’m biased, maybe I’m exaggerating. But you can’t deny that the formula is there.

The relationship between Stiles and Lydia is a beautiful thing even if it never ends on a romantic note. We’ve got a boy who has been crushing on a girl since he was in third grade. He built her up, romanticized her, but did something most guys in this kind of formula wouldn’t do—he befriended her.

Becoming friends with Lydia Martin was probably the most important step in Stiles Stilinski’s 10/15 year plan to make her fall in love with him. He stopped putting her up on this pedestal he had her on. He became her friend. He treated her like a person. He moved on.

But, like Scott said, he still likes her. It’s just different now. That difference will be so important to this relationship in the long-run if it becomes more.

I’m really hoping season 5B gives us more Stydia moments and I don’t even mean potential romantic ones (trust me, I can turn any moment of theirs into a romantic thing it’s not a problem). I miss their friendship. I miss their detective agency. I miss their banter.

I want Lydia to survive Eichen and finally come into her own as a banshee. We’ve been promised for 3 seasons now that Lydia would develop her powers but so far we’ve only seen her struggle. It’s time for the pay off.

3. My favorite non-blood related brothers

I’ve said this from the beginning and I’ll say it again: Stiles and Scott’s friendship is the most important relationship on this show.

Seeing them struggle in 5A was painful but necessary because up until this point they haven’t really been tested to badly. They’ve bickered like brothers but nothing huge has happened. They were tested in 5A and they splintered. But 5B will see them rebuilding what broke and I’m so ready for it.

There’s this new trend on Tumblr where people like to hate on Stiles and it’s honestly the craziest thing I’ve seen. People are pitting he and Scott against each other and it doesn’t make sense to me because how could you hate Scott when he’s the person Stiles loves the most besides his own father? How can you hate Stiles when he’s the person Scott loves most besides his mother? How can you pit these two against each other when they love each other so much?

It doesn’t make sense to me. Tumblr doesn’t make sense to me for a lot of reasons but I can’t get into that because that’s a whole other monster of a post that I’m just not going to bother with.

Bottom line? Stiles and Scott love each other and their love is the most important thing on this show. I can’t wait to see them get that back.

4. Girl Friendships

One of my biggest complaints about Season 4 (and trust me there are a lot) was that Lydia was left by herself for 99% of the season. Her best friend had just died but her other two friends just kind of left her to her own devices because they had new girlfriends to spend their time with. That’s something I’m never going to forgive the writers for doing.

Holland knocked every episode out of the park, though. It was never explicitly stated that Lydia was still mourning or struggling with Allison’s death so we just kind of had to assume that Lydia’s constant teary-eyes and fragility was because of that. Holland confirmed as much in a few interviews when she said that Lydia was working so hard to solve the problem because she wanted to make it up to Allison. She felt like she failed her best friend so she was trying to save the friends that she did have alive. If that doesn’t break your heart then you probably don’t have one.

One thing that 5A immediately did better than season 4 (besides everything basically) was that they closed that distance that Malia/Kira had with Lydia. In S4 it always seemed like they didn’t know how to be around Lydia or what to say to her and they were constantly pressuring her to figure everything out. I wanted to yell at them through 99% of the season (not just them, either, everyone basically).

I loved that we had an entire episode that was female centric in 5A. The girls helping Malia learn how to drive. Them following one of Lyda’s banshee feelings without question. Them working together to try to figure things out. I loved it so much it’s probably one of my favorite episodes in all of Teen Wolf. It was necessary and I’m happy it happened.

We’ve missed female friendships a lot since Allison passed away, and while no relationship can replace Allydia, it’s nice to see now that she’s not as alone as she was in S4. The part in the 5A premiere when they meet up with Lydia in school and the two couples are together but then Kira puts and arm around Lydia and pulls her into her almost made me cry. I finally feel like Lydia is part of the group again and it’s a good feeling.

(I won’t mention how bitter I am over the fact that Scott and Stiles, aka her only two best friends from the beginning, have been the main ones leaving her out of things. Fix that, Jeff Davis.)

5. It’s not afraid to hurt you.

Teen Wolf is one of those shows that isn’t afraid to cause you pain. I know I complain a lot (and probably will in my future reviews) about how much shows cause me pain but if I’m being honest, I actually love it. If a story is told well but it still hurts, it’s like it hurts so good.

Listen, I’m not happy that Allison died. I have many issues with the fact that it happened. I want her to be alive still. But I need to be honest, that episode is one of my favorite episodes this show has ever had. All season long they made sure that everyone had scenes with Allison. She got some great final words to her father. She saved her best friend. She got to tell the boy she loved that she loved him one last time.

Her actual death scene was absolutely heartbreaking and made me gasp; I still cry every single time I watch it again.

The only thing they did wrong with her death was they let it go to fast. They rushed the after of it all and it did a disservice to the show and her character. Allison Argent was more important than that and I really wish the show would have taken more care to show that. It’s something they’ll always live with but I feel like they’re trying to make up for it a little bit. That moment in the 5A premiere where Scott includes her initials made me cry but in a good way. I was happy they included her even though it broke my heart that she wasn’t there.

Teen Wolf has never been afraid to cause you pain and that’s something that I’ll admire. The deaths on this show, while sometimes unnecessary, are always really beautifully shot and the acting in them is some of the best this show has seen. I’m a TV viewer that appreciates great actors, what can I say?


I could go on and on about this show but I’ll stop myself here.

While some fans have given up, I’m still sticking around because I still love this show. I still care about the characters both old and new.

Teen Wolf was there for me in a time that I needed a distraction and it’s grown into one of my favorite hours of TV. I watch it with my parents every week and I look forward to that every week.

Teen Wolf returns tonight on MTV at 9/8c. To Hell and back.


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