New Girl


My favorite roommates return this Tuesday January 5th at 8/7c on Fox! I feel like it’s been a year since I’ve seen them all and I’m having serious Schmidt/Nick yelling at each other withdrawals.

Let’s see how much of the earlier seasons I can remember.

Season 1

Season one is always that intro season where we really get a feel of who these characters are and what we’re getting into. I remember starting this show when it first came out because it aired before Glee and I was super into that at the time (ah, to be young and naive). But I gave up halfway through because I could apparently only handle Glee at the time, it was a full-time job being a fan of that show. I’m so glad I picked New Girl back up towards the end of the season and caught up.

One thing I remember the most is that Jess was super relatable because she was so awkward and unsure of herself. I love Jess Day. I’ve always loved Jess Day. There are very few characters on this show that I dislike (looking at you Caroline) because the writers do such a good job at making you care for all of them even when they’re making questionable life choices.

I love Schmidt’s dramatics, I love Nick’s grumpiness, I love Jess’ dating struggles, and I love Winston judging all of them.

Season 1 did a great job at setting the story and establishing these relationships. It also did a great job at making me want to find some roommates on Craigslist and hoping it works out like it did for Jess.

The groundwork was also laid for the two main ships of this show: Jess/Nick and Cece/Schmidt. They couldn’t be two more different couples but they’re both so much fun to watch and they have been fun since Season 1.

Favorite Season Moment: In the pilot when Jess is on the phone with her mom and she asks Nick if he’s a murderer because her mom wants to know.

Nick: “Yes I am.”
Jess (to her mom): “He says no!”

Season 2

There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe to you how much I love season 2 of New Girl.

Listen, I watch a lot of TV. I’ve WATCHED a lot of TV in my lifetime. I’ve seen enough by this point that it’s become common for me to list season 2 of a lot of shows as their worst season but for New Girl? This isn’t anywhere near the case. In my opinion, season 2 is New Girl’s BEST season so far.

My favorite episode of this season is the 7th episode titled “Menzies”. I love every line in that episode, I’ve seen it so many times at this point that I have it memorized. This episode is the cure-all to any bad day. If I’m ever feeling stressed or that I need to laugh, there are two episodes of television that I turn to. “Menzies” and “The Fight” episode of Parks and Rec (a very close third would be “Flu Season” from P&R or basically any episode– I can’t get into it I could talk about that show for the rest of my life).

Season 2 of New Girl is wonderful all the way through, from Jess losing her job to Schmidt struggling with moving on from Cece. From Winston trying to figure out what his dream job is to Nick coming to terms with his feelings for Jess. I love every second of this season and I can’t write enough good things about it.

Favorite Season Moment: Everything about “Menzies”.

Season 3

A lot of people hated this season, but I loved it. I didn’t see any of the things that people complained about.

I loved that Coach returned and I loved the dynamic he added to the loft.

I get that people were mad about Schmidt playing both Cece and Elizabeth, that was a very low moment for Schmidt. But I also thought it was a huge learning moment for him too. I think that moment made Schmidt grow up a bit. When he revealed that he was going to try and break Nick and Jess up, I was very annoyed. I hated that they were going there but when I realized that it wouldn’t be drawn out it was a relief. Jess calling him out by saying “You did a bad thing. Deal with it.” was one of my favorite Jess moments and Schmidt’s reaction to it was some of Max’s best acting.

I love Max Greenfield. I cannot talk about him enough, I think he’s one of Hollywood’s brightest stars and I am constantly annoyed that he gets overlooked. His work as Schmidt is some of the best acting work I’ve seen in a long time. He can play Schmidt crazy and neurotic like we know and love but he can knock those serious moments out of the park. Max Greenfield deserves more praise and I will never stop bringing that up.

People also took issue with Nick and Jess but I took issue more with the writers inability to write them. They did great in the beginning but then, they broke them up out of nowhere for a reason I still can’t get behind because of how abruptly it happened. Liz Meriwhether said herself that she broke them up because she didn’t know how to write them together. She was writing them together fine, I kinda feel like that excuse is a cop-out. But what do I know, right?

Favorite Season Moment: When Nick threw a surprise birthday party for Jess.

Season 4

Not gonna lie, I don’t remember much about this season besides the bigger things since Netflix STILL hasn’t added it and I haven’t been able to rewatch but there were a few things that I remember loving.

I loved Winston and Cece’s friendship. Basically I love every scene with Winston and anyone else because I love Winston so much. But the fact that Winston kept Cece’s feelings for Schmidt a secret was just one of the many examples of why Winston is one of the best friends on this show if not The Best Friend.

I hated that Coach left, I understand it was the choice of Damon but I’m going to miss Coach a lot. I loved Coach Coach and I really loved his dynamic with Jess a lot. I’m happy he found love, though, and I hope to see him again at Schmidt and Cece’s wedding.

Which brings me to my next point– SCHMIDT AND CECE ARE ENGAGED!! I wasn’t expecting it but I’m so happy it happened. I love that even though they broke apart so painfully the first thing Schmidt tried to do with her was mend their friendship. He was a friend to her and that’s one step Schmidt skipped with her in the beginning. When he proposed to her using one of his first douchebag-jar moments I almost cried. I’m so happy they’re finally getting it together and are seemingly done with the off-again aspect of their relationship. I can’t wait to see Schmidt as a Bridezilla.

Favorite Season Moment: Schmidt proposing to Cece.

And that’s that! Not sure if I’ll continue this formatting for my future overview posts but we’ll see!


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