Making an Effort in 2016

I’ve always told myself that I would start a blog so I could let out all my feelings for my favorite shows but I was always too lazy to do it. I can’t even count how many Tumblrs I’ve created on the off-chance that I would be productive about it and actually use it. I have a Tumblr. It’s not used for writing out blog posts.

I wanted a place that I could go to write out all the many rambling feelings I feel right after I watch a new episode of my favorite show. I can tweet about it, I can text about it, I can write about in in the tags on Tumblr; but I’ve always wanted a place that I can just let it all out– feelings, reactions, theories– without fear of getting attacked or getting a character limit.

That’s what this is for. I don’t even really need an introduction post since the odds of anyone seeing this are very slim, but here I am. It’s more for my benefit than anyone else’s. There are some things I like to be organized about. Pretending like you have an audience is a good way to make sure you maintain that level of organization.

I’m gonna make it work and maybe it’ll get me somewhere. Maybe it’ll help me land a job where I can do the thing I love most: watch TV shows and have a lot of feelings about them and share them with anyone who is willing to listen (or read).

2016, for me, is going to be about trying.

Here we go.


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